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I was thinking of a similar game concept for Christmas but never really managed to put it together.. and I gotta say that you've executed it perfectly.. I absolutely loved it!

A good game in the Christmas spirit where you have to offer gifts to a small town that is in bad shape. 

I recommend it to pass the time and thus be in the shoes of "Santa Claus". 

Thanks to the developer for the game. :)

Everyone deserves a happy christmas. great job on the game i had great fun and maybe even broke it a little lol!

This game was so sweet and heart warming! Definitely a great game to play around Christmas, even though I missed out on finishing the mission.

that was so fun! I managed to find quite a lot of them, but after a while I was completely lost. Love the message and just the whole game in general.

The game is very cute and simple. I loved it and hope for another one just like it.

This game has a simple but effective message to send. It all goes well together, the gameplay, the music, the scene, it all fits. Not much is wrong with this game however, trying to find everyone to give presents to can be a pain. I did play the game from start to finish though. Also, I encountered a glitch with the presents. You could jump on your presents and it would make you jump forever in one spot making the player restart the game. I did a video on this game, yours is third in the video. 

I enjoyed this game, a good collectible finder, and always good to spread joy and cheer.  I did this as part of a group of games, this is game #3.  Didn't quite finish it I don't think, but I went as far as I could find lol, really nice work.

😀 ued, having trbl beating this game becaus the final boss scopped me up and slapped my nutts, tht i wld post here anyway,.,., yknow,,.,. good videos.,., good;,. 

One of the best Christmas games. I love this game as it has everything. Even a secret to go with it. Top TOP game... :)

Fun Game idk if i gave everyone a gift

This was really fun, even though I got stuck in the end. I won't lie the citizen's of Nowhere, are alittle scary. However, that's probably just me...or is it? Lol anyway this was fun to play for Christmas. The music kept getting too loud, then suddenly quiet for me. So instead I added music in my video. Other than that, this game is fun and interesting to play! :3

Good game. I'd love to play similar games with other holiday themes, like Thanksgiving or Halloween!

I really like the game and I hope you enjoy the video